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Who am I?

I'm a graphic designer and Illustrator based in Barcelona. 

Music lover, knitter, obsessed with fries and in love with colour! 

I started illustration 5 years ago and I keep falling more and more in love with it, so I made my goal to represent everything that I care about in my style, colorful and naive. 

Life is full of bad apples, so I just want to make the world a bit more colorful!




Illustration involves so many things, it can be a portrait of your best friend, a background for a packaging, a podcast cover, a mural...

If you are searching for a unique illustration to make something extra special, count me in! 

Graphic Design

My background in graphic design allows me to create beautiful and useful graphics, with or without the illustrations, I can turn your information into something visually attractive! 

Branding, packaging, editorial, publicity, digital content... you name it, I make it! 

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